Why work with a dietitian?

Earlier this year the British Dietetic Association undertook a survey of 2043 individuals and the results were quite staggering. 50% of respondents confirmed they had determined they or a family member had a condition relating to food, without any investigation or advice from a healthcare professional 51% of respondents say they get their nutritional and […]

“Fueling Your Body: The Surprising Revelation of Eating More

One of the biggest surprises that clients get when they come to me is that they very often need to eat more!  Are you surprised too? Then let me explain! In order to adequately fuel our bodies we need to consume foods from the following  4 categories: Carbohydrates Proteins Fats Fibre Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are our […]

Navigating Nutritional Noise

 Navigating the virtual world of health claims – my top 5 tips Social media delivers information to us that it thinks we will enjoy using a variety of algorithms that none of us understand, well I don’t anyway, although at the same time very grateful for as it may be the reason you are reading […]