Inspirit - Nutrition & Dietetic Consultancy

My experience with Fiona was so positive, highly recommended. I had gut problems for months and after her advice they disappeared in a few weeks. It was so easy to talk to her about my habits and preferences and as a woman I felt she perfectly understood my body struggles. With small changes she changed my relationship with food in such a positive way.
I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I could eat and with the other suggestions too.

Being an older lady,  I was embarrassed to discuss my symptoms, however Fiona’s extremely pleasant disposition and manner very quickly put me at ease.


Currently I have a better quality of life than I have had for the past year.

As far as I am concerned the biggest change Fiona has made is in my outlook towards food .  I am glad that I made the decision to consult Fiona and these 3 months have change the way I eat food.  Thank-you Fiona for making me a healthier person.

Thank-you so much Fiona for all your support and guidance.  I truly appreciate it.  It was refreshing to meet and speak with a professional who advocates for a healthier, more sustainable approach to food and nutrition.

My IBS had suddenly flared up and I couldn’t figure out why. My diet isn’t the best but nothing had changed.

I approached Fiona, who was very friendly and explained in detail how our bodies work in terms I could understand.

She gave me advice on some small diet changes I could make that may help and how stress can play a huge part in IBS symptoms, which is something I didn’t really think about.

I felt totally at ease discussing the various stress that I was currently under, which was more than usual, and Fiona advised that this could be why I was having the flare up. She was caring and considerate and suggested meditation and ways to try and relieve my stress and to make sure that I take care of my mental health.

I have started to ensure I have some me time everyday and if I am struggling to sleep I listen to Calm. Hopefully with the suggestions Fiona has given me I can get my IBS under control, and now realise that it isn’t all down to diet and that taking care of my mental health is just as important.

I would advise anyone struggling with their diet whether with a diagnosed condition or not, speak to Fiona, she really knows what she is talking about and is excellent at explaining in terminology that makes sense.