Why work with a dietitian?

Earlier this year the British Dietetic Association undertook a survey of 2043 individuals and the results were quite staggering.

  • 50% of respondents confirmed they had determined they or a family member had a condition relating to food, without any investigation or advice from a healthcare professional
  • 51% of respondents say they get their nutritional and dietary advice from searching online
  • 24% more people would listen to friends and family than go and see a dietitian (14%)

In todays world there is an abundance of information available regarding our nutrition and wellness.  Most of the individuals I see have struggled with symptoms for some time and many have tried one thing after another whilst their quality of life was becoming increasingly worse.  Dietitians are the only qualified and regulated health professionals with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) that assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutritional problems both at an individual level and the wider population.  So what can working with a dietitian bring to your health and well-being? Let me fill you in!

Evidence based and personalised

Dietitians use current evidence, guidelines and clinical experience to inform their practice however, we tailor this advice to your own unique circumstances.  Even in individuals with the same conditions they will come with their own unique lifestyle, challenges and lived experiences.  Our approach is collaborative and holistic.


Knowledge is power and in order to enable you to make informed choices about your lifestyle and diet a key component of a Dietitians skill is in taking nutritional science and making it easily understandable giving simple, practical advice in how to change your diet.

We look to the future

Dietitians not only address your current issue but will also always have one eye on your future health.   There are many conditions which can be prevented or at the very least minimised by diet as we age and our advice will reflect this.

Support behavioural change

The way we eat is a complex issue and is affected by numerous factors,  in my opinion the narratives ‘calories in, calories out’ and ‘eat less, move more’ are unhelpful.  Dietitians can help you explore and unpick the reasons behind certain behaviours then help you develop other strategies.

We are your biggest cheerleader

We are our own harshest critic, an having an objective viewpoint from someone outside of your situation can be really helpful in reaching your nutrition and wellness goals.  No matter how small each success should be celebrated. It is consistency not perfection that makes all the difference.

Working with a dietitian is an investment in current and future self. Using evidence based advice along with collaborate goal setting we can not only help your symptoms, conditions and wellness goals in the present but also the longterm.  By working with a qualified professional you can embark on a journey towards optimal health with clarity and confidence.

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